Support for Research

New areas of interdisciplinary research and cooperation with national and international institutions have received special attention in CFUL. We have put into practice a policy of active support of national and international researchers. For example, between 2008-12, 11 Postdoctoral fellows and 2 Science 2008 posts worked in CFUL; 21 BD recipients saw their study and investigation supported by CFUL. One of the two researchers in Philosophy who were recipients of 2013 Investigator grant is hosted by CFUL. The only Portuguese recipient of a 2013 Marie Skłodowska-Curie (7th EC program framework), Teresa Marques, is a former CFUL Post-Doctoral researcher.

We actively encourage individual projects and welcome researchers who want to participate in our projects as consultants and team members. We accept proposals of Marie Skłodowska-Curie applicants who are willing to have us as host institution for their research in scientific topics that can fit within our groups and sub-groups: Phenomenological Thought (contact: Pedro Alves); Portuguese Thought (contact: Pedro Calafate); Philosophy of Language, Mind and Cognition (contact: João Branquinho), History of Philosophy (contact: António Pedro Mesquita, 4 sub-groups: Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary); Philosophy of Action and Values (Viriato Soromenho-Marques): 2 sub-groups: Aesthetics, Art and Religion; Ethics, Politics and Environment.

Several of our members have been recipients of awards: for example, Viriato Soromenho-Marques received the 2011 Quercus Prize and the 2009 Figura do Futuro award. 3 junior members, L. Rodrigues, R. Silva and J. Gusmão, received the Philosophy Essay Prize of the Portuguese Philosophy Society.

CFUL has also received 4 União Latina awards for translations into Portuguese carried out by our researchers and collaborators: 2008, Aristotle, Topics (José António Segurado e Campos); B. Russell, Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics (Adriana Silva Graça); 2011, A. N. Whitehead, Process and Reality (Maria Teresa Teixeira), and E. Husserl, Cartesian Meditations (Pedro Alves), lending continuity to a tradition of recognition: 2003, M. Heidegger, Holzwege (Irene Borges-Duarte, member at the time), and 2006, L. Feuerbach, Grundsätze der Philosophie (Adriana Veríssimo Serrão).